The reservation system was created in cooperation with hotel  “Hibiscus garden” in Panama.The main focus was made to easy usage, maximum performance and zero possibility of data losing



Main reasons why you should try
Excel based reservation system:
  • intuitive and easy to use interface
  • built on a solid base with automatic backup function
  • no repeating monthly fees, only one payment for usage until end of year 2020
  • no need of internet – excel based system works offline
  • protection against misuse and corruption by employees and 3rd party
  • easy connection to other excel based systems used for hotel administration ( such as accounting books, statistical reporting etc.), which we could also provide to you – see the example below
Example of designed administration system
in Hotel Hibiscus garden

guest data

1. Hotel Costs and Revenue;
2. Guest expenditure in detailed form;
3. Expenditure output for billing purposes;
4. Statistical analysis for measuring hotel’s profitability.